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See your band’s custom drill in real time before you even hand out their charts

Using the advantages of technology, Drill For Band .com can use 3-D Pyware files to show you your band’s drill animated in a realistic video before you even hand out each student’s individual drill charts. This gives you, the band director, the ability to identify any issues you see with the drill and have them fixed before finalizing the end product.

Avoid wasted time reteaching drill rewrites

Teaching a student drill that ends up getting rewritten can be problematic for a number of reasons. The first version of drill that a student learns will be the version that “sticks” with them the most. It will take some reinforcement to get a newer version to “stick”. Additionally, the time spent reinforcing new drill is time lost working on other areas of your show that may need more attention. While the typical student shouldn’t have a problem relearning a set, it will only make your program stronger if drill doesn’t need to be rewritten. By viewing your band’s drill in a 3-D Pyware video, it reduces the potential of having to have drill rewritten.

Get your kids and parents excited for the season by sharing your animated drill

Here is another benefit of Drill For Band .com’s 3-D Pyware video samples: they’re perfect for helping to recruit more students into your marching band. You can post Drill for Band .com’s custom 3-D Pyware sample videos to your band’s website, YouTube account, or Facebook page and invite incoming freshman or other students who are on the fence about joining Marching Band to view them. You could also send email blasts to parents before the season starts in order to demonstrate to them that each student in the marching band program has a unique role to fill in the production. By seeing lifelike animated videos, you may be able to convince parents who are otherwise unfamiliar with the concept of marching drill just how important of a role their child could play in your upcoming production.

There are many ways you can use these 3-D Pyware sample videos to the benefit of your marching band program.
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