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2nd Graders in Marching Band?!

Hello! Greetings from Nara, Japan!  This is a clean, lovely (and a bit chilly) town near Osaka in the beautiful country of Japan.  I am here with my old friend Kazuhisa Hashimoto who is a music teacher and band director at a primary school here.  We marched in the 2006 and 2007 Cavaliers together –… Continue Reading

Your Superstars

Hi Directors, It is mid-Spring and hopefully that means you have all had a successful and COMPLETE concert band festival season.  If you are on this site you most likely have a passion for bringing engaging programs to your students and audiences and thus are already thinking about ideas for next marching band season which… Continue Reading

Planning Your Fall Budget

Hi Band Directors, I’ve been getting lots of inquires about writing drill for different schools for next coming marching band season.  This warms my heart because I love this work.  I see my role as someone who, through writing shows that have the student experience foremost in mind while still pleasing judges and entertaining audiences,… Continue Reading

A Letter to Students – Band Camp, Part 7

Dear Band Students, I have good news for you today. Marching Basics Scared?  Don’t be.  Our basics are about training your mind not just your body.  Seriously. Marching band is about getting students to understand and internalize a series of tasks.  The average show will have about 45 drill sets in it although it ranges… Continue Reading

A Letter to Students – Band Camp, Part 6

Dear Band Students, Almost done I swear! So now we know all this stuff (and yes, congratulations you do now know A LOT of stuff about the marching activity)  about how things are designed, the history, your responsibilities and philosophy but what about the actual location where it all takes place?  How do you know… Continue Reading

A Letter to Students – Band Camp, Part 5

Dear Band Students, Now its time to talk about something very, very dear and special to you.  To you?  Yes, to you and you don’t even have it yet!  I am of course talking about… Marching Band Dot Book Your dot book!  Behold!! You’ll also need a shoe string or some variation of it to… Continue Reading

A Letter to Students – Band Camp, Part 4

Dear Band Students, Last time I told you how drill is written and how the computer executes it perfectly. Now it is time to figure out how we can emulate what the computer does to achieve amazing visual clarity. Marching Band Benefits Did you know (I like these cheesy tid bits): Famous intelligence and educational… Continue Reading

A Letter to Students – Band Camp, Part 3

Marching Band Drill Writing Evolves Dear Band Students, Drill writing is an art form that has been evolving for decades.  As developments in technology and resources reinvented the way society and band enthusiasts experience and approach the marching activity so too was drill rapidly influenced.   Did you know:  As late as the 1980’s corps… Continue Reading

A Letter to Students – Band Camp, Part 2

Interval Training for Marching Band Camp Dear students, Band camp is coming up and I hope you are all very excited to get started. I know that I am really looking forward to getting to know you all and working with you all. I have heard great things about the students and the program here… Continue Reading

A Letter to Students – Band Camp, Part 1

The Dot System Watch closely…here it is. Here is the conception of ensemble visual clarity that gave birth to what has been called “the dot system.” Witness below the execution of this drill learning method at its highest level: *disclaimer to those of you for whom that may not have been your first time watching… Continue Reading

Holy Drill: Why One Draft of Drill May Not Be Enough

Let’s explore an hypothetical scenario. It’s early September. You finally got the end of the closer on the field. Music has been memorized and your students can (just barely) perform the show, visually and musically, from top to bottom. Satisfied with their efforts, you dismiss them at the end of practice, lock up the band… Continue Reading

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