Small Band, Big Plans

They say a great band program comprises 20% of the school population.  If you have 20% of the kids in your entire school in the band program than the presence of your band will be noticeable as people walk down the halls, in the parking lot with band stickers, on the bus with kids with instruments, and with the sheer size of your ensembles during concerts, trips, and of course Friday night games or pep rallies.

Strength in Numbers

Surely with a band this big your administration and the community will notice and lend their support.  Your students, band nerds as they are, will be using your band color scheme or uniform outlay for various projects in other classes and hopefully your band is so much fun to be in the band kids have a buzz about them that all other students and teachers recognize.

Make Marching Band Fun

This is the goal of DrillForBand.  I hope to make marching band easier and more effective for both director and student.  As a former director, teacher and administrator you won’t need to worry about my business being the best value and most reliable service for your program. For the students, their experience is a top priority and when we address them of course we make them feel like they are the only priority.  I’ve taught so many different shows over the years on staff at high schools and drum corps and I know what will make a student’s experience enjoyable.   The secret is good pacing.  After I get information about your program by you filling out my questionnaire I’ll have an idea how to write a show that your students will feel success with and thus allow you to have a more enjoyable pace for teaching, cleaning and performing.  Students need to have a show that they can learn quickly, that makes sense to them, and that in the cleaning process it is easier to see progress daily.  Based on how you teach and what your program has achieved before I can create this experience for your kids in a big way.  Drill, after all, effects so much of the band experience.

Other things to consider are even keeping like instruments together from a social perspective.  Sections generally have fun and get along, keeping them together in the drill allows them a chance to flourish and enjoy their experience.  Unison moves for section or band give the a chance to connect and share tips with one another.  Above all your band will be successful if you remember that

Marching Band is a Social Activity

and the general effect and cleanliness are dependent upon how much the students enjoy the cleaning and performing process.  Keep the execution standards high but always infuse rehearsals with joy and fun.  Your band will grow.  I can help.

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