Planning Your Fall Budget

Hi Band Directors,

I’ve been getting lots of inquires about writing drill for different schools for next coming marching band season.  This warms my heart because I love this work.  I see my role as someone who, through writing shows that have the student experience foremost in mind while still pleasing judges and entertaining audiences, can help to reach my primary goal:  to enlarge and enliven marching band and thus band programs throughout every community!

How do I do that?  By helping you, the band director, out where you and your students are at.  Simply said this means getting know where your program is coming from and what challenges you face this season and then writing a show that will allow for a breakthrough in success for your students.  When your students are able to find success sooner rather than later in this activity they have more fun, they bring more energy, they get their friends involved, their parents see it all as a good thing and your program raises its status in the community.  When this type of writing also has an appealing flavor for judges and the band starts to score well because students are given a chance to succeed musically and physically then everyone gets on board and your program continues to elevate!  Email me and let’s start talking today about how to create a breakthrough year in achievement, performance and enjoyment for you and your band.

Now about budget.  If you band is still developing all the things I just talked about great!  I’m here to help.  When a band is still developing the community doesn’t quite understand the value or need of financial investments.  Without any doubt a band that has more money does better in almost every way.  Now, it isn’t just the money that helps – the money is an indicator of how the community values it.  So, if you are still working to change the culture of band in your community here is a tip to help prepare parents and stakeholders to begin to see a bigger vision for band:

-include a drill writer in your budget

Even if you plan on just writing the drill on your own or choosing some very cheap method, include the ledger line for drill and even consider appropriating a median fee and then discounting it to fit what your actually paying this year.  Ex:

Custom marching drill :   $2000.00

(developing band discount : $1500.00)

Final amount due for custom marching drill:  $500.00

Letting parents and administrators see what the costs of funding a full fledged band program are will help increase their awareness of how other programs do it, appreciate your frugality, and start to plan funds for future seasons.  I’m happy to work within your budget.  Let’s set up a call today.

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