Spring Marching Band planning


If you’re like me then you are already starting to think about marching band.  As a director you’ve hopefully  had a successful concert band festival season and are now getting ready for the end of year concert and maybe a musical.  If you’ve had an indoor drumline or colorguard GOOD FOR YOU!  That adds so much to your program (and so much to your plate)!


Keep the focus on Fun now

My advice for this point in your year is to keep the focus on fun!  The hard part of the year is over, the weather is warming up, days are getting longer, and you need your current students to head off into the summer with a good feeling about their year in band.  Keep it light and fun!  Longer chunks of music in rehearsal, longer breaks, less intensity, and more jokes!  You’ll want all your students to sign-up for marching band again in the Fall.

This is also a great time to take input from you students about next year’s marching band show.  Your rising seniors or student leaders would be great to include on conversations about show concepts and music selection.  Make them feel like part of the creative process – even if they aren’t!  “Hey, check out this piece…I’m thinking of using it for next year’s show…what do you think?”  Say that to any student and his commitment and investment in the program will double.  It feels good to be valued!  Or even just the illusion of it!

Email your Drill writer

If you have someone you’ve been working with contact them to ensure they will be available.  Drill writers have a lot of freedom in their off seasons and many may have made plans to be travelling or changing careers from October to now.  There are plenty of drill writers in their 20’s which can be quite a time of change and turnover.  The sooner you can make contact the better.  I can be reached at mike@drillforband.com or info@drillforband.com or by phone (919) 475-8583.

Even if you are just shopping around – keep consulting with various drill writers and try to lock one down.  Many of our schedules will fill up fast and priority is often first come first served.  Share with your drill writer some of your themes and challenges for next year so he will begin thinking about it in the back of his mind.  Drill writing, as you may know, requires LOADS of mental premeditation.

Do the same if you use a custom music arranger and remember to HAVE FUN with the band the last few weeks of school!  Marching season will be stressful enough…!!


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